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Biographical Information



Date of Birth-26th July 1996

Age-17-18 (Season 1)

18-19 (Season 2)

19-20 (Season 3)

Relationship Information


John Grayson (father)

Eleanor Grayson (mother)

Jennifer Grayson (sister)

Unknown grandfather

Unknown grandmother


Megan Yeardley (best friend)

Skipper Carmen (best friend)

Stacie Carmen (best friend)

Emilia Barron-Woods (best friend)

Joshua Westbrook (best friend)

Neha Dyall (close friend)

Ryan Henderson (close friend)

Raquelle Henderson (close friend)

Chelsie Carmen (close friend)

Bethany Jai-Lynn (close friend)

Bridgit Carmen (close friend)

Heather Barron-Woods (good friend)

Alexandra Carmen (good friend)



Character Information


First Appearance-Season 1 episode 1

Last Appearance-Season 2 episode 170

Appearance Edit

Dark brown wavy hair, she cuts it short during the gap between season 2 and season 3. Blue eyes, tall, slim and quite pale.

Personality Edit

Teresa is one of the toughies. After finishing school, she moved to London with Emilia Barron-Woods. At the end of season 2, she moves back to Sheffield to help with the JJ crisis. She's very confident and quite rude towards people she hates or dislikes. Still quite immature for her age.

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